Submit an Idea…


Not if it’s to a direct competitor.

Only do it if it’s for a company that can use your product on their products thus replacing a competitor’s product with your product.
This way, they don’t really care who they source from because you aren’t trying to put them out of business.
You have a fair shot at a sale and they are less likely to screw you over since you’re not a competitor.

It’s akin to me trying to get dog food companies to buy my zipper for use on their dog food bags.
But, I wouldn’t submit my idea to a competitor like YKK.

Speaking of YKK…


When I first invented my zipper back in 2015, I went to their website first to check out if they had any product like my zipper as part of a prior art search.
They didn’t, obviously.
I also searched to see if they had an idea submission form. Nope!
At that time, the “open innovation” feel of an idea submission form might’ve given me a different perspective on them as a company.


But, I recently went back to their site and let me tell you that there is something very NEW about it…
The “Submit an Idea” page!


(Screenshot from Google, I assert Fair Use- not making a profit, educational purposes, limited to one result, etc.)


The YKK webpage didn’t exist before September 4, 2016 which is just TWO months after I’d launched my website on July 1, 2016 (which showed the first ever pictures of my product.)


Coincidence? I think not.



We already know that Ideal Fastener Corporation contacted me one month after I’d soft-launched my website on August 4, 2016 asking about partnering:

But, I reckon YKK responded to my public disclosure as well via their new webpage.

They’re the market leader. They’re not just going to fill out my website contact form and ask to work together.
They want me to ask them.




Will I ask them?
Heck no!! 
Did you see the terms on their webpage? I’d be signing up to play in their court and on their terms.
That’s like Kearns asking Ford Motor Company about using his windshield wiper.
Just setting yourself up for a David vs. Goliath battle where Goliath has the upper hand.



This is going to be a battle of…

New and Improved vs. Old Faithful (Until it Inevitably Breaks, Jams, or Falls Apart)



Stay tuned.










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