This is a blog about the startup journey of Zipr Shift and its Founder Tesia Thomas.
It WILL be overtly negative…because that’s just how life is sometimes. 🙁

But, I, Tesia Thomas, would rather be anticipating and documenting everything so that I can plan ahead and say either “I told you so”, or be ‘crying wolf’ than have to react after the fact.
I don’t like reacting to stuff. I like being ahead of the game.


I realize that I’m a strategist and visionary.
I see ahead how valuable my zipper will be and I anticipate all threats to it.

Though, in the end, I know it’ll survive and conquer all even if I’m consumed in the fight.
The thing about great technologies is that they always win. Always.


Public opinion shapes so much these days. Use it against your competitors before they use it against you.

Tell your story FIRST!
Give the media your perspective to look back to and you’ll eliminate all of the problems that non-first person sources bring.



Think of this blog as my startup autobiography.

Enjoy. 🙂