Innovation is NOT World Charity

Inventors are the bottom of the food chain and we’re going to go extinct if U.S. IP laws don’t change.

From my point of view, all my competitors have given is…nothing.
They have thousands of patents in their patent portfolios and most of them are invalid iterations in lieu of PTAB. If only someone would challenge them…
Thousands of patents that do nothing for their competitive position and so they’re still fighting over branding and price in the market.

DoD has worked for 60 years and spent billions of taxpayer dollars trying to figure out the solution to the zipper design problem.
Where has their research led them? Nowhere.


So, everyone got nothing and went nowhere with zippers…until I showed up.

See, innovations come from the ‘little guy or gal’ all too often.
Whitcomb Judson, Gideon Sundback, Elias Howe… one single man inventor.

And, small businesses and small inventors support the entire world. We make your lives easier with the things we create. We pay taxes and create jobs.


But there’s no value in being an inventor. And, as we go extinct, so will you.


Yes, life span…developed countries.
Why are countries developing? Technology.


If I knew what I know now about patent law then I’d never have filed a patent when I did. I’d have waited for the laws to change. And, if the laws hadn’t changed then I’d not have disclosed my zipper on my death bed.

And, what luck you’d have had waiting for YKK and DoD to figure it out…
They already had all the money and all the time.


Most people don’t work without incentive whether the incentive is hunger, thirst, happiness, or money or something else.

And, inventing is work plus paying tons of money for IP.
Inventors in the US are at net negative, loss of time and money with no gain besides the potential for more loss.




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