Donald Trump, Make American Great Again for Inventors

One of my comrades named Wes Schneider invented what is now known as the Camelbak drinking system:
Hear his words. Realize he is a human being just like you. He was trying to save lives and basically lost his in the process.



Natick has rendered him destitute. He was speaking to the exact same division that I spoke to in Natick Army Research Labs (NSRDEC)- chemical and biological threat protection.
This could be me.
It demands a lot of courage to take on this kind of corruption and a lot of risk of people thinking that I am crazy; these stories hardly make the news.
I’ve posted about my run-ins with Natick:


They hate buying from single source and they also don’t like that a non-PhD has figured their 60+ year old problem out. Plus, they have personal history with my nearly centenarian competitors like YKK and IDEAL Fastener and I’d likely put them out of business, becoming the state of the art zipper.



Not many people have the courage to fight with we inventors.
I wonder if the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, does.
If you really want to Make America Great Again, and you really care about veterans, and you really want to support entrepreneurs then you’ll fight with us…against the government that you command, ironically.



Everyone else, please spread this story around.
I want to cut off Natick’s/govts supply of tech to steal. If I can’t change the shady organization then I can at least warn my fellow inventors.


***Yeah, it should say ‘Make America Great Again’ but…
Listen to Wes’ story and Spread the Word!

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4 thoughts on “Donald Trump, Make American Great Again for Inventors

  1. Wow. Didn’t know this about Camelbak!
    Just force them to use it. You have the upper hand since your storys out and you’re writing it.

    Not very many people will think you’re crazy. Researchers hear stories but it hasn’t happened to them directly. It’s not every day that the military wants something this bad and it’s proprietary.

    Keep your chin up and make them pay. It’s crazy what they’re doing. They’ll soon realize that no one wants to spend time and money making new tech to have it stolen. I’m sharing the story because I’ve heard the rumors but never had a specific story from the person offended especially. Unreal.

    1. So many people tell me that they have heard stories about the military doing this to people. But, in the end, not many people try to do anything about it. They keep their heads down and hope it doesn’t happen to them.
      We are supposed to tell our government how to act and this is unacceptable.
      This is not my main focus. I am not super worried about DoD. I am ashamed of my government treating people this way.

      I hadn’t heard the stories before I applied for the SBIR. I just had a gut reaction to them asking me for the technology and not funding my grant proposal- the actions tell two completely different stories to me.
      I’m not a PhD. I didn’t learn from a mentor about the abuses in science. I had my breakthrough on my own. The lone garage researcher…
      But, now that I do know, I’m speaking out about it.

      Technically, it didn’t/hasn’t happened to me. I haven’t had my technology stolen. It’s not on soldiers uniforms on the numerous militaries around the world. But, it hurts me to know that DoD did this to Wes.
      All he was trying to do was SAVE LIVES.
      Yes, they are going to find it really hard to be thieving scumbags when no one is applying to their grant solicitations anymore.
      And, that is exactly what I’m hoping for.
      You can’t steal when there’s nothing for you to take. They’re going to drastically slow down military innovation because obviously all of the breakthroughs aren’t coming from inside the military.

      These SBIRs is the government asking for civilian help. Well, we need to stop helping them until they learn to be grateful. No one wants their life ruined for trying to help somebody as is what happened to Wes. No one is 100% altruistic and no one should be expected to be. Inventions aren’t world charity. Wes is an entrepreneur.

  2. Trump: Every one wants to be American just look at all the Mexicans and Muslims trying to get here.
    Americans like Wes and that Army employee: Just wait. The military will take your cool technology and you’ll flee.


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